Who We Are

Empowering Hope, Fostering Dignity



Christian Relief Services Charities (CRSC) was founded over 35 years ago by Gene Krizek, born with his dream of making a difference for the poor and suffering at home and around the world — mindful of the biblical admonition that much is required from those who receive much.

Critical water and sewage problems on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota prompted CRSC´s first work: delivering water, drilling wells, installing windmills, and repairing a sewage plant. Continuing on to address urgent needs for food, water, medicines and medical supplies around the world, Christian Relief Services Charities has now grown through its many affiliates to expand its reach into establishing vital development programs to address the long-term sustainability of communities for water, farming, housing, schools, orphanages, clinics and hospitals in underdeveloped areas across the United States and worldwide.